OpenSSH package

Ben Lindstrom mouring at
Wed Oct 15 13:32:17 EST 2003

> First of all, thank you for your contribution of the OpenSSH package
> for Solaris. It is very useful.

Darren and Tim added most of the nicer features after I gutted the
existing build script to make it FAKE ROOT based.

> I am building a Solaris 9 server. Solaris 9 comes with ssh, so I want
> to test my recent build of OpenSSH before replacing Sun's native ssh.
> I tried to install into /tmp/hmg.
> It seems that the package makes some assumptions: that root_path will
> be used as a chroot newroot; that certain directories in
> $root_path/etc already exist.

Looking below I question the use of -R.  -R is really designed for
jumpstart and other installs where the -R points to a complete OS

"All files, including package system information files, are relocated to
a directory tree starting  in  the specified root_path."

> I saw that you have a variable TEST_DIR and a way of building a
> package using that, but I had hoped to test the package and then
> install it, not test one package and install another. I don't think it
> would have got around the chroot problems.

Actaully it would.  TEST_DIR disables the "chroot" enabled by -R.

As for your original idea.  It's too bad pkgadd does not support the -n
version from pkg_add in *BSD.

     -n      Don't actually install a package, just report the steps that
             would be taken if it was.

Or the idea like -vVAR=VALUE ala awk.

However, I guess I do business different then you do.  I then to give a
box over to testing that is non-critical.  So I can test the package in
multiple different mode.  So I can't really give you much advice.

- Ben

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