ssh-agent and rdist SOLVED!

Stephen Walton stephen.walton at
Tue Oct 21 04:51:12 EST 2003

On Fri, 2003-10-17 at 16:05, Stephen Walton wrote about rdist -P ssh
failing to heed ssh-agent/ssh-add:

> I haven't done the debugging yet, but I seem to have found the actual
> problem. 

Except I didn't.  The real problem, which took me several days to track
down, is actually a bug in rdist 6.1.5.  For some reason, it only passes
the first 40 environment variables to the rsh-equivalent command.  Since
I have a rather long environment, the variables set by "eval
`ssh-agent`" weren't getting passed to ssh by rdist.  Hence my bug.

This is apparently well known;  I found a patch

which was posted to bugs at in 2000.  Now to try to
apply and distribute it to my 10+ systems.

I thought this might help someone else out there.

Stephen Walton <stephen.walton at>
Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, Cal State Northridge

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