HP-UX 10.20 assistance

Robert M. Beswick rmb at miranda.jpl.nasa.gov
Tue Oct 21 15:40:36 EST 2003

To Whomever can assist,

I am looking for anyone who has gotten OpenSsh 3.7.1p2 to build under
HP-UX 10.20.  I am working with the latest gcc (v. 3.3.1), gmake (v. 3.80),
and Openssl (0.9.7c) and I still can not get OpenSsh to build properly.

It errors out on the build process with a:

loginrec.c:1405: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
cing pointer to incomplete type
loginrec.c:1514: dereferencing pointer to incomplete type
loginrec.c: In function `lastlog_get_entry':
loginrec.c:1520: storage size of `last' isn't known
loginrec.c:1520: warning: unused variable `last'
gmake: *** [loginrec.o] Error 1

I use a configure line of:
(although just a blank ./configure doesn't work ether)

  $ ./configure --with-ssl-dir=/adm --with-rsh=/usr/bin/remsh --with-tcp-wrapper
s --bindir=/adm/sbin --libexecdir=/adm/sbin --prefix=/adm --with-prngd-socket=/v
ar/run/egd-pool --with-default-path=/adm/sbin:/usr/sbin:/usr/lbin:/usr/bin --wit
h-xauth=/usr/bin/X11/xauth --with-pid-dir=/var/run

and config.log records:

uname -m = 9000/782
uname -r = B.10.20
uname -s = HP-UX
uname -v = A

Are there some sort of special flags or libraries I need to add to the mix?
Does anyone have configs or Makefiles that could point me the way to 
getting this to work? Perhaps a logfile or two? 

I will be happy to send gobs of info to anyone who is interested.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

-Robert Beswick

Robert Beswick,                       Jet Propulsion Laboratory/NASA
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System and Network Administration.    Pasadena, CA 91109-8099
Office: 1-818-393-0539 (230-201GA) 
Pager: 1-800-759-8888, pin #: 1365304, option 1#
E-Mail: rmb at miranda.jpl.nasa.gov

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