sshd 3.7.1p1 and 3.7.1p2 on 2.0.39 linux kernel crashes

kutek at kutek at
Wed Oct 22 21:56:04 EST 2003

since 3.7.1 sshd from openssh refuses to run on Linux 2.0.X kernels.

debug log output shows the following:

localhost sshd[182]: fatal: setresgid 105: Function not implemented

an examination of the linux programmers man pages reveals that this function
was not implemented until kernel 2.1.44 and is thus not available to 2.0.X

there were no compile problems probably  due to the glibc/linux header
weirdness, and the rest of the package seems to function...though i suspect
that the sftp server may have the same problem ( i haven't teseted it)

prior openssh versions did not display this problem.

thanks for your assistance,


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