AIX patch for openssh-3.7.1p2

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Wed Oct 29 09:37:29 EST 2003

Matt Richards wrote:
> There are a couple of bugs in the openssh-3.7.1p2. The aix_setauthdb
> function does not work with other types of authentication such as AFS/DFS.

I take it your issue is that your failed logins aren't being recorded for

The call to setauthdb is needed for correct recording of successful and
failed logins for some authentication types (eg LDAP).

I can see two possibilities:
1) Call loginfailed (and loginsuccess) twice when the authentication DB
isn't FILES, once with setauthdb(FILES) and once with setauthdb(whatever).

2) Keep a list of authentication types for which setauthdb is not called.

> The loginfailed test in configure is not correct. Also, AIX can use the
> wtmp logging which I added in configure. Attached is the patch.

I can't follow the changes to configure (which is a machine-generated
file).  What is the issue with the loginfailed test?  Could you post a
patch against, which is what autoconf uses to generate
configure?  (preferably "diff -u").

Any particular reason you added wtmp?

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