issue with 3.7.1p2

Steve Belt (rgpg70) Steve.Belt at
Thu Oct 30 01:54:37 EST 2003


I sent this a couple of weeks ago, but got no response.  I can only
assume that nobody has experienced this problem.  Anyway, I thought I
would try again just in case.  As a preface, this was compiled and is
running on a Solaris 8 system that uses ldap as its name service.  The
"--with-pam" switch was used during config and "UsePam yes" is in the
sshd_config file.  Here is the issue:

When a user types in the wrong password, there is a long delay and then
the message "Connection closed" appears.  With 3.6.1p1, a wrong password
would result in an immediate message "Permission denied, please try
again" and the user would be asked to re-enter the password.  I can
reduce the delay by setting "LoginGraceTime" to some smaller number, but
why does the connection close instead of asking for another password?

BTW, this does not happen on a Solaris 8 system that uses nis as its
name service.  The behavior is as expected, with the user being asked to
re-enter the password.

Any help would be appreciated.



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