sftp client reget reput

Ben Lindstrom mouring at etoh.eviladmin.org
Fri Oct 31 04:41:43 EST 2003

The problem is in some cases the data being sent to you may be out of
order (thankful no sftp server does this yet).  So reget/reput without RFC
clearifications can lead to bad file transfers.

I'm trying to drag up in my mind which one was the problem... I believe
reput is fine since the client has control over the ordering.  reget is
the troublesome some one without RFC clarifications stating out of order
transfers are denied.

if the RFC get clarified to disallow out of order transfers then a cleaned
up version of this patch may not have a problem getting in.

- Ben

On Thu, 30 Oct 2003, Greg.Hayes wrote:

> we have implemented this function for 3.1p1, and have been using it in
> production sense may 2002. The patch has been ported to 3.7.1p2, we have
> been using it in 3.7.1p2 for awhile, if anyone is interested, here it is.
> This is the same patch David Bradford talked about on 2002-06-05
> Regards,
> Greg Hayes

- Ben

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