OpenSSH and Redhat 8

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I think I got it up and running.  After redhat complained about failed depencies, I removed the offending gnome package. I followed your advise to the letter.  Got appropriate messages from rpm -Uvh.  I can telnet port 22 and see the appropriate version of Openssh.  I will get one of the corporate guys to perform a scan on the test box which is what prompted this whole openssh thing in the first place.  If all goes well, I will update my identical redhat system on the production side.

many many thanks to your and your associates.


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> Ran into a little problem.  The compiler is complaining about
> gnome-ssh-askpass2.c errors.

You don't have GTK/GTK2 so you need to build w/o askpass.  Call rpmbuild 
like so:

% rpmbuild --rebuild --define 'skip_gnome_askpass 1'

Similiarly if you have GTK but not GTK2 you can just say

% rpmbuild --rebuild --define 'no_gtk2 1'

(I think that option won't be there until 3.8 though)

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