3.6p2 build errors on buffer_get with latest portable/SNAP

Darren Tucker dtucker at zip.com.au
Thu Sep 11 00:13:57 EST 2003

"STEWARD, Curtis (Jamestown)" wrote:
> I took out /usr/local path's just to eliminate something
> that might be interfering.  I've tested both sshd_config and
> ssh_host_rsa_key as provided by the "make install" with
> the same errors.  Here's the debug:
> # /usr/local/sbin/sshd -ddd -t
> debug2: read_server_config: filename /usr/local/etc/sshd_config
> debug1: sshd version OpenSSH_3.7p1
> buffer_get: trying to get more bytes 1 than in buffer 0

Try moving the host keys and generating new ones (particularly the SSH V1
ssh_host_key which was not shown in my debugging) for a test.  That would
be my guess.

If it's not that, you can use gdb to set a breakpoint for that line of
code, then use "bt" to get a stack trace to fund out where in the code the
failing call is coming from:

# gdb -q ./sshd
(gdb) set args -t
(gdb) break buffer.c:124
Breakpoint 1 at 0x8062bfc: file ../buffer.c, line 124.
(gdb) run
[wait for failure]
(gdb) bt

> But look at my 8.0 rpm's... ?!
> # rpm -q openssl openssl-devel zlib zlib-devel gcc glibc-devel

You could try updating those.

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