Thu Sep 11 14:08:34 EST 2003

Dan Kaminsky wrote:
> For those who don't know, Greg Houlette sent in a request from an 
> address that doesn't conveniently accept replies.

> If people can't be bothered to read our replies, we shouldn't be 
> bothered by their requests.

> Just a note.  Maybe a request for a killfile.

Hmm.  I've got Earthlink at home, so I have some experience with
their spam-blocking system.  If one turns it on in the "normal" mode
then it's *very* easy to accidentally add an address to the blocklist
and I've done it three+ times myself to senders who I didn't intend
to block.  If one cranks it up a notch to the "block anyone not in
one's address book" mode, then it's even more of an overkill (unless
someone really is religious in adding all possible correspondents to
Earthlink's online address book as opposed to the address book that
one maintains in one's MUA).  In other words, the fact that you can't
send e-mail directly to Greg H. could be operator error on the other
end rather than malevolence--even smart people make dumb mistakes
occasionally (or so the smart people tell me...)

Be that as it may, isn't the list archived?  And although it's been
a point of netiquette disagreement since at least 1988, what's the
big deal with just posting replies back to the list?

Methinks, Dan, that there are more important things about which to
get fired up [0].


[0]  Try as I might, I couldn't end that sentence without a dangling
     participle.  Grammar fascists please form a line to the left...

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