Dan Kaminsky dan at
Thu Sep 11 14:42:05 EST 2003

>Methinks, Dan, that there are more important things about which to
>get fired up [0].
I hit Reply All, and answer Greg's question.

Immediate bounce:  The mailing address is invalid; I need to strip the 
spamblocked.  OK.

I send mail to the correct address.  Now it's a whitelister.  I need to 
click a link.  OK.

I'm directed to a page:  Apparently, Greg _may_ be willing to receive my 
message, if I provide 1) A Reason and 2) A string of characters.  WTF?

He came to us.  The anti-spam gateway should be smart enough to note at 
least the matching _subject_ lines.  It's not.  I'm aware that mailing 
lists and spam look quite similar -- but if he wants to come here for a 
service, it would behoove him not to make me go through three hoops to 
be kind.

My point is, at some point what he's providing diverges so far from what 
an email address is that it might as well be president at 
 At least that address is preferable, as it does not bounce.

As for posting replies to the list, given the amount of discussion 
recently on the topic of Dynamic Forwarding (really, I must sound like a 
broken record, or at best a one trick pony to the rest of you!  I'm so 
sorry!) it was pretty clear he wasn't a subscriber.


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