connecting to a virtual host: host key mismatch

Ulrich Windl Ulrich.Windl at
Thu Sep 11 17:50:46 EST 2003


I have a kind of problem: I need to connect to a virtual host (a f "floating" 
IP address) that is one of two physical hosts in a HA environment. Yesterday 
the virtual IP address was moved to another host.

Today ssh refuses to connect, because the host key is different. Reading the 
documentation I found that there is no command line option (documented) to 
temporarily bypass "StrictHostKeyChecking", and it seems to be impossible to 
specify multiple alternative hostkeys for a virtual host in "knows_hosts" (it 
would make sense however IMHO).

Using the same host keys for both machines is not what I would like to do 
(assuming it would help), and I don't want to disable "StrictHostKeyChecking" 

So what's the (or a good) solution?

P.S. openssh-3.5p1

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