Combining Transparent Proxying with SSH Port Forwarding

Markus Friedl markus at
Sun Sep 14 02:26:00 EST 2003

On Sat, Sep 13, 2003 at 11:51:56AM -0400, John P. Rouillard wrote:
> In message <3F5F897E.2030904 at>,
> Dan Kaminsky writes:
> [...]
> >    There are intrinsic problems with running UDP payloads inside of a 
> >TCP stream.  We'd also need a new SSH payload type, and I don't expect 
> >to see that happen without a very good reason.  Provide a list of 
> >circumstances where UDP forwarding would be extremely useful...this 
> >might help.
> We access other sites remotely using ssh. We tunnel device error
> streams (log files, console servers) back to our site for developing
> monitoring application. We also tunnel VNC and X over ssh.
> We would like to make SNMP queries over ssh in the same way we can
> talk to tcp services over ssh.

just tunnel udp over tcp, there are proxies for this.

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