OpenSSH 3.7 testing (Re: 3.6p1 bug on SCO OpenServer)

Brian Poole raj at
Sun Sep 14 03:53:42 EST 2003

Quoting Ben Lindstrom (mouring at from  6 September 2003:
> On this note I think it would be best to opening the floor for testing of
> the current CVS tree.  OpenSSH is in a feature lock and we should be in
> in sync with the OpenBSD tree (there may be stray patches, but hopefully
> nothing major).
> So please if we can get people to start doing tests on their platform is
> would help.

I've done some testing on Solaris and found one problem and another nit.
Testing was done on Solaris 7, 8 & 9, with various OpenSSL versions, and
Forte & GCC compilers.

It appears that the regress Makefile is not portable enough. Solaris 
make in particular pukes on it currently (GNU make works fine.)

$ make clean
rm -f *.o *.a ssh sshd ssh-add ssh-keygen ssh-keyscan ssh-keysign ssh-agent scp ssh-rand-helper sftp-server sftp logintest config.cache config.log
rm -f *.out core
(cd openbsd-compat && make clean)
rm -f *.o *.a core
(cd regress && make clean)
make: Fatal error in reader: Makefile, line 3: Badly formed macro assignment
Current working directory /tmp/openssh-cvs/regress
*** Error code 1
make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `clean'

> BTW, regression testing should hopefully work for most platforms.  Please
> get in the habbit of using this.  It should give us a better handle on
> platform breakage.  Darren was nice enough to get that rolling recently.
> It should be as simple as ./configure [needed options] && make && make
> tests, but I've not had a chance to confirm it with an actually test on my
> Solaris test box.

The regress suite looks good, a big thanks for getting it working. My 
nit here is that I think the yes-head test should verify that yes exists
before it tries to use it. I dislike the idea of a test failing because a
prereq isn't there, it should simply be skipped. I however don't have a 
good patch so I won't whine about it too much, I'll just politely request 
it be fixed when someone has too much time ;-) This one stuck out at me 
because Solaris 7 & 8 do not have yes installed by default (and yes, I know
its in sh-utils.) 

Everything else is looking good so far, looking forward to 3.7.


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