3.7.1p1 PAM Problems in RedHat 6.2

Ron Bennett bennett at wyomissing.com
Thu Sep 18 11:55:33 EST 2003

Ok...I've found the problem...actually others have
hinted to it in older posts, but I didn't even think of
trying a different ssh client until I started looking at
the configs as Vincent had suggested...the sshd
files turned out to be exactly identical so that wasn't
it, and tech support stated emphatically that ssh
was working for them; it wasn't consistently before
which had really confused the issue.

In a nutshell, there is a compatibility problem with
the sshd 3.7 series and SecureCRT 3.4.6. My next
stop is the SecureCRT site and Google for details
about changes I need to make SecureCRT work...for
now I'm simply sshing in from another linux machine.

Anyone know what changed to make SecureCRT
not work anymore with some sshd installs? Bizarre!

Thank you in advance for your continued assistance.


At 05:57 PM 9/17/2003 -0700, Joshua Hill wrote:
>On Wed, Sep 17, 2003 at 03:27:55PM -0400, Ron Bennett wrote:
> > the
> > newest version of OpenSSH 3.7.1p1 is conflicting
> > with PAM on our server running RedHat linux 6.2.
>What behavior are you seeing?  I'm running a RH 6.2 install, and 3.7.1p1
>generally seemed to work, other than PermitEmptyPasswords, which seemed
>to do nothing when pam was enabled.
>There seems to be significant PAM related trauma resulting from the 3.7+
>PAM code re-write in Solaris and (at least older) Linuxes.
>Patched versions of 3.6.1p1 seem to work just fine. :-)
>                                 Josh

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