openssh on NeXTstep

Ben Lindstrom mouring at
Tue Sep 23 00:16:05 EST 2003

NeXT platform has really not been directly supported since 3.5. =)  I'm
surprised it even compiles since I've had to pull harddrives from my next
box to do SCSI card testing under my Ultra 10 sparc box.

Not sure why it would crash in mysignal()  that code had been pretty

As for 'other platforms'.. NeXT and SonyOS both use sigact.[ch] for signal
management (IIRC, It's been over a year and half since I've looked at that
bit =), and I doubt anyone else (well, maybe older SCO boxes) even gets it
compiled in.

- Ben

On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Michael Weiser wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've been running OpenSSH portable on NeXTstep 3.3 since version
> 2.5.something with no/little problems. 3.7.1p1 still compiles fine but
> sshd hangs at startup. I've tried to debug it but when stepping through
> sshd using gdb it segfaults in mysignal in bsd-misc.c instead of hanging.
> Before I dig any deeper into this I'd like to know if there's anybody else
> running openssh who is perhaps not/as well experiencing these problems. Is
> hanging/segfaulting in mysignal perhaps experienced on other platforms as
> well?
> --
> bye, Michael
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