ssh graphics forwarding compression with NX ?

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Thu Dec 2 23:31:32 EST 2004

Damien Miller wrote:
> Joshua Jensen wrote:
>>Hmmm, I just had a thought.  Perhaps not an original one, but could
>>ssh's compression of data be made to use the open source NX algorithms? 
>>This could really help remote graphics over the network.
> OTOH If NX can act as a proxy, then it probably already works :)

I seems that it is:
"NX implements a client-server protocol between X agent and proxy to 
ensure that the narrow-band link between the proxy..."

For an example of how to stack sshd X forwarding with a proxy and get 
xauth right, see this script (which uses the low-bandwidth X proxy, 

(remember to source the script with ". ./")

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