dangerous behaviour of scp

John Davidorff Pell johnpell at mac.com
Thu Dec 9 10:43:29 EST 2004

Is scp ever sync'd with any updated, improved, bug-fixed rcp tree? I 
know that some that the version of rcp included with Mac OS X is a 
little diff, which I assume comes from freeBSD. Is it ever updated, or 
is it one of those things that you just really want to leave alone and 
never touch?

Keeping scp almost identical to rcp is all well and good, but which 
version of rcp? What about actual not-functionality-changing-bug-fixes?


On 8 Dec 2004, at 15:22, Damien Miller wrote:

> Jacques Bouchard wrote:
>> Why not that user-friendly behaviour for scp, which shouldn't make the
>> same mistakes as rcp?
> scp *is* rcp: same protocol, same code (with only minor changes)
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