Status of Sun BSM/Auditd Support ?

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Mon Dec 20 11:33:25 EST 2004

Darren Tucker wrote:
> I was working on it a while back, but I had trouble testing it (I 
> enabled BSM on my SPARC but it didn't appear to be working, and I'm not 
> sure if I'm doing something wrong) and got sidetracked.

One unresolved question: where to put it?  The original patch had it in 
openbsd-compat/bsd-solaris.c and I moved it to 
openbsd-compat/port-solaris.c, but since BSM appears to be used in OS X 
too, that probably isn't appropriate.

I'm leaning toward a top-level audit-bsm.c to match the other 
Portable-only but non platform specific things (eg auth-pam.c, 

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