Send Break to terminal server

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Fri Jan 9 10:57:43 EST 2004

Avis wrote:
> Using ssh via cygwin, I tried to do '~ ctrl-B', but it will not drop to 'ok
> prompt'.

You don't need the CTRL.

$ ~?
Supported escape sequences:
~.  - terminate connection
~B  - send a BREAK to the remote system

> Are the workarounds? (other than using Tera Term Pro?)
Use less fingers :-)

If that doesn't work, please post a debug trace, eg:

ssh -vvv terminalserver

Note that it's a capital B, so use shift not ctrl, and you must start 
the sequence with a carraige return.  You should see something like this 
in the output:
debug2: channel 0: request break
debug2: channel 0: written 4 to efd 6

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