Send Break to terminal server

Avis avis at
Fri Jan 9 08:21:44 EST 2004

Setup ::


PC (cygwin) <-> Terminal Server (InReach) <-> Sun Server (Solaris 8)


Scenarios :

Using Tera Term Pro with ssh extension, I connect to the Terminal Server via
ssh and I can use 'Control -> Send Break' to send the break sequence to drop
the Sun Server into its 'ok prompt'.


Using ssh via cygwin, I tried to do '~ ctrl-B', but it will not drop to 'ok


I tried downloading the source and compiling it on my own, same case, no
luck.  :-(

I read one thread that suggest that it may have something to do with
HAVE_TCSENDBREAK, so I defined it to 0 and recompile.

Still no luck.  :-(


Questions : 

Is this a known bug?

Are the workarounds? (other than using Tera Term Pro)


Thanks in advanced for any answers.


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