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Darren Tucker dtucker at
Fri Jan 23 16:34:30 EST 2004

Jason McCormick wrote:
>   Testing the RPM building aspects of the snapshots I'm running into the 
> build process not finding kafs.h on both RedHat 9 and Fedora Core 1.  
> This header file does not seem to be provided by either krb5-devel or 
> krbafs-devel.  The default behavior on these platforms has been to 
> compile --with-kerberos5 so if this is provided by something not in the 
> default distribution we'll have to provide some workaround, change the 
> package dependencies in openssh.spec or change the default spec 
> building behavior.  I'm not a regular user of Kerberos to know all the 
> ramifications of this however.

kafs.h (and libkafs) is provided by Heimdal, but not MIT Kerberos (which 
is what Redhat use).  What you have found is a minor bug in session.c.

The #include <kafs.h> should have been inside an #ifdef AFS.  (Or 
possibly USE_AFS, it's still under discussion).  Should be fixed in the 
next day or two.

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