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Could you address my problem below?


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 Subject: Openssh Kerberos Version 5    

I downloaded the current supported version of Openssh and configured it
with the --with-kerberos=/usr/kerberos option on Redhat 8.0 Linux.
After installing Kerberos and configuring my Kerberos remote shell setup
( I know it works because rsh uses the Kerberos Version 5
ticket-granting-ticket) just fine.   I tried to run ssh and have it use
the KV5 ticket.   ssh -v never shows gssapi as one or the
authentication methods.
I then search google and found the web site which had an
Openssh with a "patch" installed.  I took the rpms from there and
everything worked fine.
When is the current Openssh going to support Kerberos Version 5 from
the distributed source and not have to pick up a patch from somewhere
else.    AIX distributes a Kerberized enabled Openssh but Linux does not
and the current process for picking up  a working Kerberized Openssh for
Linux is not clean.  I need to be able to tell the customer to go to the
OpenSSH web site and either download the source and compile it in, or it
would be even better is you had OpenSSH with Kerberos enabled rpms for
Linux available.

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