David Komanek xdavid at
Tue Jan 27 02:18:05 EST 2004

Dear developers,

to my previous post I have some additional info. I just erased all the
krb5 data and set it up from scratch. Now the message in sshd debug
changed to:

debug1:  Miscellaneous failure (see text)
Decrypt integrity check failed
debug1: Got no client credentials
Failed gssapi-with-mic for komanek ....

So it seems the problem is somewhere in the kerberos, not in openssh. Is
here anybody on the list who can confirm this ?

Thanks in advance,

  David Komanek

original post follows:

Dear developers,

I am already playing with openssh + heimdal krb5 + gssapi on Tru64Unix
5.1a and Irix 6.5.20, but with no much success. The worst problem I
experience is following:

- gethostbyname on tru64unix returns short host name instead of fqdn. But
even if I overcome this problem by appending the domain name to the lname
variable in gss-genr.c file and get over this problem, gss-api does not
work well. If the hostname is in fqdn format and is accepted by gssapi and
I run the daemon on tru64unix as

./sshd -p 2222 -d -d -d

I get the following:

debug2: input_userauth_request: try method gssapi-with-mic
debug3:  entering: type 37
debug3:  entering: type 38
debug3:  entering
debug3: : checking request 37
debug3:  entering: type 38
debug3:  entering
Postponed gssapi-with-mic for komanek from port 57083 ssh2

Where should I search for the problem - in OpenSSH code or in Heimdal code
? What actually this "postpone" means ?

It seems very strange to me, because if the sshd server is running on
another platform than tru64unix, it works. I already "upgraded" to latest
snapshots of both openssh and heimdal with no progress in this.

Thanks in advance.


  David Komanek
  Charles University in Prague
  Czech Republic

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