openssh-3.9p1: no pam_close_session() invocation

Dr. Carsten Benecke Carsten.Benecke at
Thu Sep 2 00:46:56 EST 2004


I would like to point to this problem again as I have not seen a reply to 
my original posting:

and the problem still exists in version 3.9p1.

After closing a ssh-session the pam_close_session() function is not 
invoked. Enabling PrivilegeSeparation (UsePrivilegeSeparation yes) does not 

Could someone acknowledge the problem, or even better, could some openssh 
developer fix it?

With kind regards
Dr. Carsten Benecke, Regionales Rechenzentrum, Universität Hamburg,
Schlüterstr. 70, D-20146 Hamburg, Tel.: ++49 40 42838 3097,
Fax: ++49 40 42838 3096, mailto: Carsten.Benecke at

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