UDP ports

dco at bresnan.net dco at bresnan.net
Sat Sep 25 11:58:56 EST 2004

[] dco at bresnan.net wrote:
[] > Why doesn't SSH allow forwarding of UDP ports?
[] Because it's not part of the SSH{1,2} protocol standards.  It would be
[] possible to do it as a SSH2 vendor extension but that would require the
[] extension to be supported on both client and server, and it would not be
[] trivial to implement.
[] Also, much UDP traffic tends to be time-sensitive, and SSH has a very
[] high overhead compared to UDP.

Thanks for the explanation.

My question arose because Apple's Remote Desktop uses UDP (well, a
combination of UDP and TCP) and a colleague needed to securely tunnel
it into his client site.  He typically uses SSH for other access to
the client.  We'll end up setting a VPN tunnel but that seems

I vote to amend the standard to allow UPD port forwarding.  :-)

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