X11 Forwarding troubles with OpenSSH client and OpenVMS host

Darren Tucker dtucker at zip.com.au
Thu Sep 30 16:52:54 EST 2004

scott rankin wrote:
[about a problem w/ssh + OpenVMS]
> The problem I am seeing is that when issued as a remote command over
> X11 forwarding, I get an X Toolkit Error: Can't Open display. If I
> just connect with X11 forwarding enabled, get an interactive shell and
> then run the X client, it displays back.

I suspect your VMS system's SSH server does not pass $DISPLAY or (its 
equivalent) to the commands run non-interactively.

Try the VMS equivalent of "ssh yourhost 'echo $DISPLAY'" ("SHOW DISPLAY" 
?) to display the variables and compare it with the same command run in 
an interactive session.

Not much to suggest other than talking to the vendor of that software...

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