Monitoring ssh logins/logouts

Jakob Curdes jc at
Wed Apr 6 23:40:08 EST 2005

Darren Tucker schrieb:

> Jakob Curdes wrote:
>> we are trying to monitor ssh logins on security-critical machines 
>> with a script that scans logfiles for the relevant entries.
>> A problem ist that when the ssh connection is closed by a network 
>> interruption or by closing the window with the ssh client, we do not 
>> find a corresponding entry in the logs.
> Which OpenSSH version, and is it a vendor-supplied package or 
> self-compiled?
OpenSSH_3.8.1p1, OpenSSL 0.9.7d 17 Mar 2004 self-compiled.

> I think sshd should update last on disconnects, if it doesn't it 
> should be investigated.
I checked in what situations the problem occurs - it turns out that most 
closed connections are displayed properly by last.
Problems arise e.g. when the session is closed through a reconnectiing 
DSL router, those connections are displayed as "sill logged in" while 
the connection on the client side has been closed long ago.

> The optional audit code in 4.0p1 and will catch these disconnect 
> events and syslog them if you enable it (configure --with-audit=debug).
I will play around with that option and see if we can excerpt the 
relevant information from the additional messages.

Thank you for your hints,

Jakob Curdes

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