OpenSSH 4.1: call for testing.

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Thu Apr 7 00:05:01 EST 2005

guyverdh at wrote:
> ie - apparently, it's trying to run SCP from the installed directory, instead of
> the directory where it had been compiled.
> Wouldn't we want tests to succeed, before running the install?

Sure, but the problem is that during the multiplex tests, the local scp 
runs the remote scp via sshd, which means that sshd runs scp via the 
user's shell.  It's the shell that determines which scp gets run.

The stand-alone scp tests actually use a wrapper script to simulate the 
server connection so it doesn't have this problem, but in the multiplex 
tests we're actually testing the server connection...

If scp had a an option to specify an absolute path to the remote scp 
(there was one posted to the list a while back) then that could be used to 
solve this particular problem.

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