OpenSSH 4.1: call for testing.

Thomas Baden lindysandiego at
Tue Apr 12 03:42:28 EST 2005

openssh-SNAP-20050408 running Solaris 8, Sun Forte C
compiler, 64-bit.

Output of configure:
OpenSSH has been configured with the following
                     User binaries: /opt/local/bin
                   System binaries: /opt/local/sbin
               Configuration files: /etc
                   Askpass program:
                      Manual pages:
                          PID file: /var/run
  Privilege separation chroot path: /var/empty
            sshd default user PATH:
   (If PATH is set in /etc/default/login it will be
used instead. If
   used, ensure the path to scp is present, otherwise
scp will not work.)
                    Manpage format: man
                       PAM support: yes
                 KerberosV support: no
                 Smartcard support: no
                     S/KEY support: no
              TCP Wrappers support: no
              MD5 password support: no
                   libedit support: no
       IP address in $DISPLAY hack: no
           Translate v4 in v6 hack: no
                  BSD Auth support: no
              Random number source: OpenSSL internal

              Host: sparc-sun-solaris2.8
          Compiler: cc
    Compiler flags: -xtarget=ultra -xarch=v9 -mt
Preprocessor flags: -I/opt/local/ssl/include
      Linker flags: -L/opt/local/ssl/lib/64
-R/opt/local/ssl/lib/64 -xtarget=ultra -xarch=v9
         Libraries:  -lpam -ldl -lresolv -lcrypto -lrt
-lz -lsocket -lnsl

make tests ran with no errors reported.


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