ssh to target, scp back to source in same session without name resolution

lars lars at
Wed Apr 13 04:43:23 EST 2005

Dear OpenSSH-Team,

First, thanks a lot for your efforts on OpenSSH, great job!

I have a wish:
I'd like to be able to connect from my source to a target via ssh,
do some stuff on the target,
and then copy back some files to the source,
all within the same session and without name resolution.

I'm behind a firewall with my source host,
I don't know the name or location of some files/directories on the 
target host,
I ssh to the target host on the internet,
look for and find these files/directories
(but I don't want to open a second session for scp and
I can't resolve the name of my source host behind the firewall),
and then I'd like to copy those files back to my source host,
within the same encrypted session.

Do you understand what I mean?

I don't think this is possible at the moment,
unless I haven't read the manual well enough.

Ok, that's all, thanks for reading.

Kind regards,

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