openssh and kerb 1.4.1 not so happy together

Phil Dibowitz phil at
Thu Jul 7 10:29:36 EST 2005


I seem to have a problem when I upgraded our kerberos from 1.3.1 to 1.4.1 (MIT
krb 5), all of a sudden I can't ssh as another user.


ssh host

works but

ssh joe at host

doesn't work. Same with scp's.

I've tried recompiling ssh (even though the so-name of kerb libs didn't
change), but it didn't work, and still no go... I'm using openssh 3.9p1 on
Solaris 9 (and 8 and 2.6, but mostly 9) SPARC, and as I said MIT KerbV

Anyone have any ideas?

Phil Dibowitz
Systems Architect and Administrator
Enterprise Infrastructure / ISD / USC
UCC 180 - 213-821-5427

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