ssh-keygen problem with openssh-4* and openssl-0.9.7g on AIX

Frank Mohr f_mohr at
Thu Jul 14 03:37:02 EST 2005


i got a strange error for openssh-4.0p1 and openssh-4.1p1
(didn't try other versions) with openssl-0.9.7g on AIX 5.1

openssl-0.9.7g and openssh build without errors,
"make test" for openssl returns no errors,
"make test" for openssh stops at the first connection test

"make test" for openssh with openssl-0.9.6m returns no errors
(i don't get errors for openssh with openssl-0.9.7g on Linux)

i found the following problem:

ssh-keygen creates a corrupt public key for rsa1
("keygen -t rsa1" and "keygen -yf testkey")
the public key starts with a sequence of 0 and
has only a few digits at the end
keygen -l returns key lengths between 80 and 128
for diffent keygen runs
the corrupt key isn't accepted in authorized_keys
(while the correct pub key from another system is)

rsa and dsa have no problems



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