Need help with GSSAPI authentication

David Leonard davidl at
Thu May 12 00:09:30 EST 2005


I did some more testing of this this evening, and .. well it started to
work just fine!?! I feel a bit stupid. Unfortunately too many variables 
changed between it not-working and working to say why exactly, one of 
them being a reboot of the AD server (for an unrelated purpose.) 

My checklist for SSPI->openssh delegated creds is therefore:
  * ensure "enable krb5 ticket forwarding" is checked in the putty config 
    settings (or whatever the equivalent is in securecrt)
  * enable 'ok for delegation' for the computer object representing the 

On Wed, 11 May 2005, Simon Gales wrote:
> After more experimentation last night, I found that:
> + Putty (with patches) can authenticate but doesn't forward the tickets.

which putty/patches was this? was it our one from

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