SSHD creates defunct process

Damien Miller djm at
Fri May 13 21:04:43 EST 2005

Chidanand Gangur wrote:
> Hi Daimen Miller,
> I accept your disguize, but I really thought this mailing list which
> could help me to solve the problem.
> The changes in SSHD code is only in one file  i.e session.c and that
> too it is a very simple change. The changes is just setting an
> envoirnment variable which is just an integer.
> I am using child_set_env  function to achieve it. 
> The main problem is the behaviour changes on machine to machine. On
> some machine i get error
> PAM faulty module
> PAM unable to dlopen
> PAM unable to dlopen

Well, erratic behaviour like that might be indicative of a memory
corruption problem somewhere. However, we still can't help you, because
we can't replicate your configuration and you haven't even posted any
debug traces.

If you want to post and ask for help, you have to give us enough
information to do more than guess at your problems.

Start by sending your pam config, sshd_config, any configure options
that you built with, details of your platform and a server debug ("sshd
-ddd") trace.


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