Password Option for Windows OpenSSH

Tue Nov 29 07:00:36 EST 2005

OpenSSH for windows not maintained anymore...that's kind of bummer...the
website doesn't say that :(
I am looking at COPSSH and I am glad this seems to be an enhanced version of
windows openssh.
As for the password option, the requirement we have is to use a password and
I may not have the option of setting up a public key, given this requirement
is their a way to kind of automate the password option??

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> I am newbie to OpenSSH and have a question on providing password 
> during a client log in session.
> I am using OpenSSH for Windows(XP) version 3.81p1. Is this the latest 
> version for windows?

The OpenSSH for Windows listed in the OpenSSH website isn't actually being
maintained anymore. The current releases are actually now incorporated into
CopSSH - which is a pretty good distribution for windows.

>>From the archive list I gather that OpenSSH will not provide a 
> option while invoking ssh commands, is this true? or will this be 
> included in the future releases?
> I read something about using SSH_ASKPASS option to provide the 
> password from a text file. I didn't find this documented anywhere in 
> the list of docs that I obtained while installing 3.81p1, Is this 
> valid for openssh windows ver 3.81p1? or is this just a UNIX/Linux only
> I would appreciate if anyone could tell me if there is a work around 
> for this?

You'd actually be a lot better off setting this up using public keys. 
That way you aren't storing passwords anywhere.

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