Password Option for Windows OpenSSH

Chris Rapier rapier at
Wed Nov 30 16:17:40 EST 2005

Make sure password authentication is enabled. However, I got copssh to 
work with passwords out of the box. Shouldn't be a problem as long as 
the users on the xp box have passwords.

Now, if you can use passwords but just need an automation method you 
should be able to use one of the 'expect' ports to automate the whole 
process. has some native ports for XP. I still 
suggest against using passwords stored in this manner but if you can't 
use keys and this has to be automated I'm not sure if ssh can do what 
you want it to do on its own.

> I totally agree with you...for our project we can't use cygwin because of
> the high licensing cost involved with it...copssh just does great for
> us...except I am still trying to get around the issue of using a command
> line option for the password. 
> Need to explore the option of using a perl script to do this...
> Does anyone know if I can recompile the code by providing a password
> option?? If so where do I start? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. 
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> Which is a great idea if someone wants to install all of cygwin. 
> However, if they don't and just want ssh then CopSSH is a fine solution. 
>   You get the bare minimum you need to run ssh and thats it - which is all a
> lot of people want.
> Corinna Vinschen wrote:
>> On Nov 28 14:00, KRISHNAMURTHY SUDHAKAR-FSK031 wrote:
>>> OpenSSH for windows not maintained anymore...that's kind of 
>>> bummer...the website doesn't say that :( I am looking at COPSSH and I 
>>> am glad this seems to be an enhanced version of windows openssh.
>> You're aware that "OpenSSH for Windows" as well as CopSSH are just 
>> convenience packages of OpenSSH for Cygwin, aren't you?  You get the 
>> same functionality when using OpenSSH within the official Cygwin net 
>> distribution (, just with the difference that the 
>> net distribution always has the latest Cygwin DLL and the latest 
>> OpenSSH version available, 4.2p1 right now.
>> Corinna
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