Password Option for Windows OpenSSH

Corinna Vinschen vinschen at
Wed Nov 30 20:11:35 EST 2005

On Nov 29 23:04, KRISHNAMURTHY SUDHAKAR-FSK031 wrote:
> I totally agree with you...for our project we can't use cygwin because of
> the high licensing cost involved with it...copssh just does great for
> us...except I am still trying to get around the issue of using a command
> line option for the password. 

There are a few misperceptions here.

First of all, CopSSH is based on Cygwin and delivers a Cygwin DLL with
it.  So you're *not* off the hook as far as the Cygwin DLL's licensing
goes, just because you download it as part of another project.  You
still have to adhere to the license.

The Cygwin license is GPL with an extra bit.  The GPL requires the
project to give away the sources of the Cygwin DLL together with the
binaries (one way or the other).  CopSSH is not providing the sources
for the Cygwin DLL it delivers and is clearly infringing the Cygwin
license.  I'm just going to get in touch with the CopSSH maintainer.

OSS appliations linked against the Cygwin DLL are not automatically
GPLed, but retain their specific licensing.  As long as you're only
using OSS tools linked against Cygwin, like OpenSSH (also within the
CopSSH package), that's fine.

Proprietary applications are not covered by this.  They have to go
GPL when linked against the Cygwin DLL, or the company has to purchase
a buyout license from Red Hat.

So, bottom line, as long as you just use OSS tools, you don't have to
purchase a Cygwin buyout license.  This is only necessary when you
link your own, proprietary applications against Cygwin, and want to
keep your applications proprietary.

Since I guess further discussions are way off-topic, please ask further
questions at the cygwin-licensing AT cygwin DOT com mailing list.  It's
a lowest volume, managed mailing list.


Corinna Vinschen
Cygwin Project Co-Leader
Red Hat, Inc.

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