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Jefferson Ogata Jefferson.Ogata at
Wed Apr 5 13:37:56 EST 2006

On 04/04/2006 05:55 PM, Darren Tucker wrote:
> Jefferson Ogata wrote:
>>1. Why the "Match" keyword. Why not just "Host" or "User
> Without "Match", each condition would be a keyword in its own right.
> Matching on multiple conditions would either not be supported, or each
> keyword would need to explicitly check for other criteria.

Makes sense. Kewl.

>>2. How does "Host" with wildcards interact with DNS? E.g. will "Host
>>192.168.0.*" match 192.168.0.evil.domain?
> It would, which is why...

Oh, my. Don't you think this is going to lead to unexpected results? I'm
a bit concerned that people won't realize that DNS is an issue...

Could sshd default not to use inverse DNS in Host matches unless another
config directive were enabled?

Thanks for the cogent response.

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