sshd config parser

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Wed Apr 5 15:12:40 EST 2006

Jefferson Ogata wrote:
>>> 2. How does "Host" with wildcards interact with DNS? E.g. will "Host
>>> 192.168.0.*" match 192.168.0.evil.domain?
>> It would, which is why...
> Oh, my. Don't you think this is going to lead to unexpected results? I'm
> a bit concerned that people won't realize that DNS is an issue...

The whole idea of having a "Address" and "Host" as distinct entities is
that if you want to match an address you use "Address" and if you want
to match a hostname you use "Host".

> Could sshd default not to use inverse DNS in Host matches unless another
> config directive were enabled?

That would be "UseDNS", no?

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