openSSH 4.3 p2 rpm help please!

Doug Lochart dlochart at
Thu Apr 13 03:04:38 EST 2006

>remember RH/centos does backpatching.. so while you are running an
>older version as long as the main version of centos is being supported
>(which 4 still is) you are ok.


I found that informative but I am still stuck on what to do.  How do I
get these security fixes to make my 3.9 equal to 4.3 ???  I am
expecting yum or rpm to tell me if there is an update.  Since there is
no update available should I be assume that the fixes in 4.3 are
backported to my 3.9??

Sorry to sound like a dunce but rp etc is totally new to me.  I always
use slackware and do everything from source.


On 4/12/06, Doug Lochart <dlochart at> wrote:
> All,
> I have a CentOS 4 system I need to update OpenSSH on.  Most of my
> experience has been on slackware and I am new to using yum and
> packages.  I ran yum and it tells me that my current installed version
> is 3.9 patch level 1.  It also said that there are no updates for it.
> I did a google for it but every link I saw that seemed to point to
> info about an rpm for 4.3 came up not found.
> Is there a better yum repository for finding these packages or will I
> have to build my own?  If so How do I do that?
> Also if I upgrade will I break any other app that might be built with
> the older version?  Is there a yum / rpm option that tells me what
> other packages/binaries are dependent on the installed version of
> openssh
> Thanks
> Doug
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What profits a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul?

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