scp and SGI DMF

Rick Jones rick.jones2 at
Thu Mar 2 04:13:42 EST 2006

Chris Rapier wrote:
>>I doubt this will ever happen. scp is only maintained for backwards
>>compatibility with rcp.
> See, I've never been convinced that this is the right way to handle SCP. 
>    A lot of people use because its easy and straightforward. So I'm not 
> sure its best to relegate it to enforced stagnation because it was 
> originally envisioned as a drop in replacement for rcp. Thats just me 
> though.

 From what I've seen of the questions asked in various support places, 
I'd have to say I've seen more questions about scp than sftp.  I would 
initially ass-u-me that implies more folks are using scp than sftp, but 
have to admit that is not the only possible conclusion.

rick jones

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