scp and SGI DMF

Chris Rapier rapier at
Thu Mar 2 04:31:43 EST 2006

Rick Jones wrote:
> Chris Rapier wrote:
>>> I doubt this will ever happen. scp is only maintained for backwards
>>> compatibility with rcp.
>> See, I've never been convinced that this is the right way to handle SCP. 
>>    A lot of people use because its easy and straightforward. So I'm not 
>> sure its best to relegate it to enforced stagnation because it was 
>> originally envisioned as a drop in replacement for rcp. Thats just me 
>> though.
>  From what I've seen of the questions asked in various support places, 
> I'd have to say I've seen more questions about scp than sftp.  I would 
> initially ass-u-me that implies more folks are using scp than sftp, but 
> have to admit that is not the only possible conclusion.

Well, obviously it could also mean that SFTP is just easier to use for 
most people. I personally prefer SCP most of the time. Just more 
straight forward for transferring files in my world.

I'd love to see some improvements in it. We considered doing some of 
that at one point. Parallel streams, transferring multiple files as a 
single data stream, ganged transfers using multiple servers (like 
gridftp), etc. Admittedly those applications are for more high 
performance environments but its really only a matter of time until 
today's high performance becomes tomorrow's consumer grade. Well, never 
got the time to get to it though. :\

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