sftp batch mode and password authentication

Tobias Lütticke t.luetticke at inovex.de
Thu Mar 2 23:13:06 EST 2006


> Is 
> there anyother alternatives ?

As far as alternatives are concerned, the recommended way to accomplish your goal is:

- Use public key authentication and create a key pair without passphrase for batch job
purposes only.
- Limit the key usage via options in the server's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file

With this setup you have non-interactive authentication, which can be started by cron jobs
for instance. Moreover, misuse of the passphrase-less key is limited through the options.

  Tobias Lütticke

ponraj schrieb:
> Hi all,
> I used to execute ftp in batch mode to dowload files. In my case, password 
> authentication is the only way to get remote access. Could anyone tell me 
> how can i accomplish the same task using sftp under batchmode as what i have 
> done with ftp ? Meanwhile, how can i specify the password securely ? Is 
> there anyother alternatives ?
> --
> Thanks
> M.P 
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