The conclusion regarding resume patch

Damien Miller djm at
Fri May 12 14:54:37 EST 2006

On Thu, 11 May 2006, Girish Venkatachalam wrote:

> To argue Damien's point again, we can have a protocol
> check in the beginning the way we have to check
> protocol 1 and 2, in the connect string, and
> interoperate. 

You are referring to the SSH protcol negotiation. There is no
"scp protocol negotiation" which is why we cannot change the scp

It doesn't matter how simple, meritorius or cool your feature is -
if it changes the protocol then it will not be added to OpenSSH's
scp implementation.

If you want to work on something that has a change of being committed,
then please help improve the sftp client. This means:

 - Adding recursive transfers (there is already a patch in bugzilla
   for one side of this)
 - Supporting a scp-like commandline syntax "sftp -r aaa foo:/bbb"
 - Improving the performance of multiple file transfers and remote
   glob operations (pipelining between files, caching attributes, etc.)

Implementing the scp features that are currently missing in our sftp
client is probably only a few days' work and would provide a much more
sane base to implement new features like the one you propose.


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