The conclusion regarding resume patch

Chris Rapier rapier at
Fri May 12 11:57:38 EST 2006

Girish Venkatachalam wrote:

> I would say it is very basic compared to other fancy
> features like multiple simultaneous file transfers and
> all that. 

Whether or not a feature is fancy really depends on your needs. I 
support a community that regularly using OC12s as their lower end long 
haul paths and 30Gb+ paths at the higher end (I2 and ETF research 
networks). Once the speed issues with SSH were resolved the two main 
features they want are a more intelligent approach to multiple file 
transfers in scp and a resume function (even at 800Mb/s when a 2TB 
transfer dies 1GB from the end its really annoying).

Also just so you know, I was supporting your position regarding the 
resume feature.

> To argue Damien's point again, we can have a protocol
> check in the beginning the way we have to check
> protocol 1 and 2, in the connect string, and
> interoperate. 

Having had to play with that quite a bit for the HPN patch 
( dealing with versioning issues 
is pretty annoying and it rarely seems to be as straightforward as one 
would hope. While I'm not saying you shouldn't consider this it can 
really open up a can of worms. The main reason why I suggested a new 
incarnation of SCP as opposed to patching the old one was really to get 
around some of these issues.


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