sshd startup error on SCO SR6

Philip Yarra philip at
Thu Nov 23 22:23:57 EST 2006

On Thu, 23 Nov 2006 01:46 pm, Roger Cornelius wrote:
> Thanks to you both.  This was indeed the problem.

Happy to help. 

> I guess IPv6 is not supported on Openserver 5 which would explain why
> I don't see the message there.  Is that correct?

Hmmm... sorry, my last dealings with a SCO OS were UnixWare, and that was 
years back, so I really couldn't say. What does ifconfig (or is it ifconfig 
-a) show you in the way of configured interfaces?

I've seen the same error message on a Linux box recently - though it has IPv6 
support (i.e. in libraries and so on) there were no IPv6 interfaces 
configured, so trying to bind to :: failed.

Regards, Philip.

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