Openssh in multithreading environment.

rajashri bhor rajashri_bhor at
Sat Nov 25 16:02:12 EST 2006


i have queries regarding openssh. 

1. Openssh code is not multithread safe. 

scenario : 

       - using solaris 8 for compilation & running application. 

       - at many places fork & exec* functions are used along with other non multithread safe functions. 

       - I have created a shared library of openssh & using it in other process 

       - when i want to sftp something separate ssh process is created. 

       - i have replaced some of the non multithread safe functions by MT safe functions. 

questions : 

       - How to avoid use of Fork() & execvp or exec* functions from openssh code ? 

       - Or anybody has done the some thing to avoid use non Multithread safe functions? 



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