openssh with radius server unreachable

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Mon Nov 27 21:27:01 EST 2006

Pascal Henri wrote:
> Darren Tucker wrote:
>> Pascal Henri wrote:
>>> when radius server is unreachable, we display contents of file 
>>> radiusfailure "RADIUS servers are unreachable, need local password.".
>>> with telnet this contents is display on client between each 
>>> authentication try but not when i use ssh client.
>> Which version of OpenSSH are you using?  There were some changes a while 
>> back (maybe 4.2p1 or so) whereby the messages returned by PAM were sent 
>> to the client as SSH2 banner packets, which should include situations 
>> such as this.
> I use openssh in 3.9p2 currently. So if i use a 4.4 with ssh2 protocol, 
> will it run ?

It depends on exactly what the PAM module does but, yes, it will 
probably give you the messages you want when using SSH protocol 2 
connections (which is the default for most implementations these days).

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