Testing for the 4.4p1 release

Darren Tucker dtucker at zip.com.au
Sat Sep 2 14:02:57 EST 2006

Darren Tucker wrote:
> Iain Morgan wrote:
>>  14   Macro "_PATH_MAILDIR" (declared at line 359 of "defines.h") has an
>>   14   Macro "_PATH_BSHELL" (declared at line 322 of "defines.h") has an
>> incompatible
> These are defined in /usr/include/paths.h, right?  I think we should put 
> that back into includes.h or maybe defines.h, because the ones we 
> default to in defines.h may not be right.

Actually I got it backward: paths.h is still in includes.h but it's the 
"#include <paths.h>" in *.c files that's causing these warnings, so they 
would be annoying but harmless.  In the future we could test explicitly 
for them in configure to prevent the warnings.

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